What do I do if I believe my WATER bill is incorrect?

For questions concerning the accuracy of your water bill, contact Central Hooksett Water as soon as you receive your bill. Every effort will be made to make any necessary corrections before the due date.

What do I do if I believe my SEWER bill is incorrect?

Please contact Hooksett Sewer Commission. Hooksett Sewer will then contact Central Hooksett Water to verify accuracy of reading.

How to I obtain a Deduct Meter?

Central Hooksett Water carries meters that can be used for deduction on your sewer bill. Please call for current cost. Once the deduct meter is purchased either from Central Hooksett Water Precinct or other supplier the homeowner must call Central Hooksett Water for inspection. Once the inspection is completed the address will be added to the list. Central Hooksett Water Precinct reads deduct meters the first week of each October and supplies them to the sewer department for credit. Installation instructions for deduct meters can be obtained at the office or you can print the form Deduct Meter Instructions directly from your computer. Please see Hooksett Sewer Commission website for additional information. Each deduct meter carries a $20.00, billed $5.00 per quarter, per year fee payable to Central Hooksett Water Precinct.